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Canyon Lake Pet Store

This pet store in Canyon Lake, Texas, has all the products you need to keep your pet healthy and spoiled! You can find pet supplies for your dog, cat, fish, bird, reptile, hamster, or several other pets. As mentioned above, these supplies include pet food, treats, toys, medicine, pet beds, accessories, and a natural pet deli. For dogs and cats, you can also browse a wide variety of dry food, canned food, and refrigerated foods. If we don’t have what your pet needs, then we are happy to order it for you!

dog supplies king feed canyon lake, texas

Dog Supplies

Dog food, treats, toys, medicine, grooming supplies, and anything else to spoil your dog.
cat supplies king feed canyon lake texas

Cat Supplies

Cat food, treats, medicine, grooming supplies, or anything else to spoil your cat.
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Bird Supplies

Bird food, toys, medicine, birdcages and supplies, or anything else your bird needs.
fish supplies king feed canyon lake texas

Fish Supplies

Fish food, tank air pumps, tank cleaner, tank decorations, and pebbles for your fish.
small pet supplies king feed canyon lake texas

Small Pet Supplies

Supplies for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice have an aisle at the store.
reptile supplies king feed canyon lake

Reptile Supplies

Reptile supplies include food, lights, aquariums, and decorations for the aquarium.
dog supplies king feed canyon lake

Puppy and Dog Store Products

Dog supplies fill up three whole aisles at the King Feed pet store. You can browse two aisles of food and one aisle of toys, medicine, and supplies. You can shop at the store specifically for your puppy, young dog, teenage dog, adult dog, and even your sophisticated gray-haired dog. Plus, the store has refrigerated dog meals, canned food, and dry dog food. We also carry food additives such as goat’s milk. Of course, being dog owners we know how important it’s to find the right food for your dog! A dog might have health problems or you could be up against a picky eater. For this reason, our store carries dog food to help with several medical issues such as weight gain and digestive health. Are you looking for food with no corn, wheat, or soy? In short, our selection has that food too. If your dog is a picky eater, then mixing dry food with canned or refrigerated food can help.

Kitten and Cat Supplies Available

The best kitten and cat store to shop at in the small town of Wimberley is King Feed. You can find cat food, cat treats, and supplies for your cat and kitten. At King Feed, we believe that cats are family and should be fed quality food. You will find a cat food selection that includes big-name brands, high-end name brands, and popular food brands. As mentioned above, we do carry dry, canned, and refrigerated cat food. Plus, you can find food additives such as goat’s milk. If your cat is picky and prefers specific food, then our options of salmon, chicken, turkey, quail, duck, beef, and guinea fowl should help. You can also browse certain ingredients such as all-natural, grain-free, holistic, and semi-moist. We also carry food for kittens and older cats with health problems. For instance, we have food that is specifically for cats older than six years or eleven years. Does your cat have a sensitive stomach or sensitive skin? We have cat food that can help out with these issues.

cat supplies king feed canyon lake

Pet Store With Bird Supplies

Indoor bird supplies that include food, treats, cages, decorations, toys and so many other products are at this pet store.

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Pet Fish Supplies and Products

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Betta fish are available for purchase at the store. Please call or message us to make sure we have them in stock. All the pet fish supplies and products you might need are available at our store. As mentioned above, you can find fish food, fish treats, medicine, fish tank pumps, aquarium cleaners, fish tanks, water conditioner, pH balancers, and aquarium pebbles and decorations. A fish with a clean tank is always a happier fish. For that reason, you can find several products to help keep your fish tank nice and clean.

Small Pet Products and Supplies

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Small pet products and supplies for your Hamster, Mouse, Guinea Pig, and Rabbit are all available at the store. At the store, you can find food, treats, hay, cages, cage decorations, toys, and litter or bedding. If you just bought your small animal, then we have all the products you might need to keep it healthy. Plus, our employees might have a few tips they can give you to ensure you and your small pet get along.

Reptile Products and Supplies

reptile supplies canyon lake texas

Reptile supplies and products for snakes, turtles, lizards, and frogs are also at the store. You can find food, lights specifically for reptiles, filter systems, pumps, water conditioners, and tanks to keep them safe. Plus, we also have items to decorate your pet’s tank. A reptile is always happier when they think they’re actually living in nature. If you need any advice about raising your reptile, then our employees can help you. As you might notice, we have a few King Feed reptiles that live at the store.